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Student Highlights: Ciarán Lynch (Chemistry Ph.D. Candidate)

Ciarán Lynch is a doctoral student studying chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Christian Wolf. In 2020, Lynch received a Master’s Degree in Chemistry from Georgetown University. Additionally, Lynch received a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Scranton. 

Involvement in Research 

Ciarán Lynch is a published author who is passionate about several aspects of chemistry. He describes his areas of specialized interest as such: “asymmetric synthetic methodology development for the synthesis of chiral compounds, the development of chiroptical sensing techniques for the high throughput analysis of chiral compounds, and small molecule drug design for the treatment of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease.” Lynch has four publications, three of which credit him as the first author. His most recent paper “Asymmetric Synthesis with Ynamides: Unique Reaction Control, Chemical Diversity and Applications” explores how ynamides can be used in organic synthesis to construct multifunctional compounds. This paper includes a comprehensive discussion of how the specific features of ynamides enhance their function. 

More broadly, Lynch has a strong history of involvement in research. His first paper, “Optical Chirality Sensing with an Auxiliary-Free Earth-Abundant Cobalt Probe” was published in 2018 by the Journal of the German Chemical Society. Outside of his published work, in 2018, Lynch was awarded the Espencheid Fellowship. Lynch earned this summer research fellowship after successfully completing the first phase of his doctoral examinations. In the fall of 2019, Lynch received an invitation to present his original research to participate in the Merck Rising Star in Analytical Chemistry & Material Sciences Symposium. In the spring of 2020, Lynch received the Graduate Teaching Award for the Sciences based on nominations from his students at Georgetown. 


Lynch puts his passion for chemistry into practice and has an impressive list of accomplishments to show for his work. Although he is busy with his doctoral studies, he has made time for fun and interesting activities. Lynch has been playing with Georgetown Law Rugby Football Club since the fall of 2019. Today, he is the team captain. It is clear that when he has interest in something, Lynch follows through and interacts with that interest to the fullest extent. Through hard work and persistence, Lynch has created a solid foundation for what one day, undoubtedly, will be a robust body of work.

Written by Alanna Cronk