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Georgetown STEM Network

Georgetown Undergraduate Research Conference

April 21, Healy Student Family Center

Attend this undergraduate research conference to hear from Georgetown University undergraduates about the research they are currently performing! The keynote speech will be delivered by Dr. Eve De Rosa on “Connecting to the Heart and Mind in Healthy Aging.” This event begins at 10 am and will be held in the HSFC Building on Georgetown University’s main campus.

Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (GUROP)

Since 1996-1997, the Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (GUROP) has offered motivated undergraduate students at Georgetown the opportunity to learn the discipline and experience the rewards of scholarly research by working with faculty on their research projects. This research occurs in a large variety of ways and venues, e.g., laboratories, libraries, environment, community, etc.  GUROP would like to widen the scope of the opportunity for more students to participate in an activity so integral to the life of the University.  

The Summer Mentored Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SMURF):

This is for full-time or part-time mentored research. Recipients work closely with a faculty member in their research or do research alongside a faculty member on a closely-related project. Formerly known as GUROP. Visit the link above for more information.

The Lisa J. Raines Fellowship: for full-time independent research in Health & Humanity:

This fellowship funds undergraduate students to conduct independent summer research projects engaging with an intractable “grand challenge” facing our society. In addition to conducting their own projects, Fellows will come together as a cohort to share their research, find exciting cross-disciplinary touch points, and learn from and network with faculty working in the field. Through bridging disciplinary divides and fostering dialogue around a central theme, this Fellowship responds to the need for 21st-century leaders with not only the expertise but also the creativity and multidisciplinary understanding to innovate and effect social change. More information can be found through the link above.

The Kalorama Fellowship: for research in the environmental sciences

This fellowship funds an independent research project for students doing research in humanities and social science disciplines. The research idea must be the student’s own, though students must secure a faculty mentor or supervisor who oversees and supports the research. The research cannot be the same as the mentor’s own research.

(Note: Kalorama grants may be offered part-time for less funding as is appropriate to the project and the student’s summer plans.)

The Zukowski-Kolleng Fellowship: for all biology majors to conduct full-time research:

The Biology Department offers two undergraduate research fellowships. Both Fellowships are open to Biology majors who are currently in their sophomore, junior and senior years and will provide a research award of  $4000, plus $1000 from the mentor.