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Editorial Team

Executive Board

President: Alexandra Glezer, SOH '24

Vice President: Alexis Wu, COL. '26

Operations Director: Nouran Alim, COL. '25

Creative Director: Alina Watson, COL. '26

Creative & Marketing Assistant: Ashley Kennedy, COL. '26

Creative & Marketing Assistant: Madelyn Kausch, COL. '26

Communications Director: Nicole Saad, COL. '26

Faculty Advisory Outreach: Anika Bansal, COL. '25

Medical School Liaison: Nesreen Shahrour, M1

Events Coordinator: Susan Huang, SOH '26

Events Coordinator: Ava Zhang, SFS '26

Treasurer: Richa Kuklani, COL. '25

Productions Manager: Ikram Muhammedsani, SOH '25

Publication Assistant: Aanika Chandhok, COL. '25

Publication Assistant: Cecilio Sandoval Aguilar, COL. '26


Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Nesreen Shahrour, SOH '23

Executive Editor: Rithvik Veeramachaneni, COL. '25

Senior Editor: Lucas Biran, COL. '23

Senior Editor: Doha Maaty, SOH '23

Senior Editor: Fadilah Farrin, SOH '24

Senior Editor: Jacqueline (Jackie) Chen, SOH '25

Senior Editor: Leah Chen, COL. '25

Senior Editor: Alexandria Sorensen, COL. '25

Senior Editor: Philip Shraybman, COL. '25

Senior Editor: Anna Tsioulias, COL. '25

Junior Editor: Joy Chung, COL. '24

Junior Editor: Rahul Banerjee, COL. '25

Junior Editor: Katherine (Kate) Bohigian, SOH '25

Junior Editor: William DiGiovanni, COL. '25

Junior Editor: Caroline Palermo, COL. '25

Junior Editor: Pallavi Bommareddy, COL. '26

Junior Editor: Cate Gramelspacher, COL. '26

Junior Editor: Stephanie Park, COL. '26


Content Board

Student Highlights Writer: Maria Victoria Dias, SOH '23

Student Highlights Writer: Samantha Induni, COL. '25

Student Highlights Writer: Minh Phan, COL. '26

Student Highlights Writer: Olivia Williamson, COL. '26

Faculty Highlights Writer: Aleena Dawer, SOH '24

Faculty Highlights Writer: Ivy Shen, COL. '26

Resources Analyst: Tessa Block, COL. '25

Resource Analyst: Kate Bohigan, SOH '25

Resource Analyst: Stephanie Park, COL. '26


Faculty Advisory Board

Thomas Coate, PhD. - GU COL, Dept. of Biology, Neurobiology

Ronald Davis, PhD. - GU COL, Dept. of Chemistry

Rhonda Dzakpasu, PhD. - GU COL, Dept. of Physics

Haiyan He, PhD. - GU COL, Dept. of Biology, Neurobiology

Jeffrey Huang, PhD. - GU COL, Dept. of Biology, Neurobiology

Kathleen Maguire-Zeiss, PhD. - GUMC, Dept. of Neuroscience

Manus Patten, PhD. - GU COL, Dept. of Biology, Environmental Biology

Michael Parker, PhD. - GU COL, Assistant Dean

Jason Tilan, PhD. - SOH, Dept. of Human Science


Editor-in-Chief Emerita & Guest Advisor: Danya Adams, B.S. - National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Mental Health