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Vol. 2 No. 2 (2022): Georgetown Scientific Research Journal: Spring 2022 Issue

An Evaluation of the Human Impact of Climatic Factors in Cook County, Illinois

February 26, 2022


Global warming, or more precisely global climate change, has garnered increasing recognition in the last few decades. However, what may not be immediately apparent are its local effects; the local manifestations of climate change in Cook County, Illinois are alarming. Observed changes in the climate have been persistent for decades or even longer. Projected temperatures are expected to rise, and consequently, flooding will increase. This study aims to correlate these climatic changes to the exacerbation of environmental injustices inherent due to the historical redlining practices of Cook County. The evidence suggests that climatic factors, such as flooding and rising temperatures, have played a compounding role in the obstacles faced by disadvantaged communities residing in Cook County.